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Troubleshooting Cannot Install the Printer Driver IP1700 & IP1300

Check the installation procedure.
Install the printer driver following the procedures described in your setup guide.
If the printer driver was not installed correctly, delete the printer driver and restart your computer following the procedures described in Printer Driver Guide .
Try to reinstall the printer driver.

If the Installer was forcibly terminated due to an error in Windows, Windows may be unstable and this will prevent the printer driver from being installed.
 Close all other applications, including anti-virus software before installation.
Sometimes the printer driver cannot be installed because another application is running.

If the installer for the printer driver does not start up automatically when you insert the Setup CD-ROM , click Start, then select My Computer and then double-click the CD-ROM icon.
For non-Windows XP users, open the My Computer window and then double-click the CD-ROM icon.

If you are typing in the file name, you must specify the CD-ROM drive letter and the installation program ("Msetup4.exe"). The CD-ROM drive letter is computer dependent.
 Ensure that there are no problems with the Setup CD-ROM .
In Windows, use Explorer to ensure that the CD-ROM can be read. In Macintosh, check that the CD-ROM icon is visible. If there is a problem with the CD-ROM, contact a Canon service representative.

Reinstall the printer driver, if you are unable to proceed beyond the Printer Connection screen.
(1) Click Cancel on the Printer Connection screen.
(2) Click Start Over on the Installation Failure screen.
(3) Click Back on the screen which appears next.
(4) Click Exit on the Welcome screen, then remove the CD-ROM.
(5) Turn the printer off.
(6) Restart the computer.
(7) Carefully follow the procedures described in your setup guide and reinstall the driver.

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