Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Printer Parts and Their Functions IP1700 & IP1300

 Front View

(1) Paper Support
Open before printing to support paper.
(2) Auto Sheet Feeder
Load paper here. One or more sheets can be set at a time, and paper feeds automatically, one sheet at a time.
(3) Paper Guide
When loading paper, ensure the left edge of the paper just touches this guide.
To move the guide, pinch and slide it in the appropriate direction.
(4) Front Cover
Open to replace the FINE Cartridges or remove jammed paper.
(5) Paper Output Slot
Printed paper ejects here.
(6) Paper Thickness Lever
Adjusts the gap between the Print Head and surface of the printing paper. Move the lever to the correct position for the media being used.
(7) Operation Panel

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